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The calls we are getting now are referral quality. I can't believe we paid for shared leads for so long!
-Charlie D.

Use our powerful technology to get in front of your target market. Despite hard-earned reputations in our communities, most local professionals can't compete for visibility on search engines, where most Contractor searches start today.

Buried underneath lead resellers like Home Advisor, Yelp, Thumbtack, and Angie's List, most of us are then forced to buy shared, second-hand leads.

The good news is that with the right strategies and technology, you can be one of the few local contractors with high visibility online -- a powerful opportunity for profit.

Promote your own brand. If you provide the highest caliber craftsmanship and most professional service, your leads should understand that by the time they pick up the phone to call.

Convert. Great advertising and website design converts online visibility and interest in your work into more phone calls, leads, and contracts.

We believe the Home Improvement Industry is best served with the fewest possible middlemen between homeowners and craftspeople.
Direct Access to Customers Online is a Large Strategic Advantage For Businesses using Contract Connect.
A top ranking on Organic Google Search is a home run opportunity for any Company that operates near their business address.

The rankings are mostly static, not rotating.  The Top Organic Listings receive the vast majority of clicks and calls.

Outranking lead resellers like Home Advisor, Thumbtack, etc. requires persistence and advanced technology.

Contract Connect does the legwork and makes this technology accessible to Local Contractors

But why do so many Contractors pay twice what they should for leads on Google Ads? 

The bidding process.  Most companies either overpay for top position or they only show up down page, where many clicks are wasted on super-researchers who need to click every option before making a decision — and who “convert” (call or contact you) at a lower rate.


We monitor your bids and position on an ongoing basis to improve your conversion rate while minimizing your cost per click, and optimizing for either cost per conversion or total conversions depending on your goals. 


High “Quality Scores” can cut your costs in half, while low Quality Scores can double them. Ad position is not based on a simple auction – Google rewards better advertisers and penalizes less efficient ones by giving higher position to advertisers with better “Quality Scores” at lower cost.  

Quality scores are largely determined by user behavior, so the same factors we optimize for to improve click through rates (ad copy), and conversion rates (load speed, relevance, user experience design, and message) also improve quality scores, creating a compounding effect that lowers your cost per acquisition.


Ad Copy must grab the prospect’s attention and generate clicks. On every campaign, we test ads side-by-side, keep the highest performing ads, and discard the rest.

Certain Ad Extensions provide low-hanging conversion fruit.  Taking advantage boosts per conversion rate and results in a lower cost per lead. 

Garbage Clicks can drag down your performance We start with a long list of “negative search terms” we don’t run your ad for — for example: terms used by job seekers and price shoppers — and monitor your campaign for more underperforming keywords to negate.


Your Landing Page must convert.  Load times and mobile-friendliness are prerequisites. The design of the page must drive the customer’s attention to your contact form and phone number.  The content and message must resonate with the customer, be relevant to their query, and drive home your selling points.

Work with a team that works with your objective: generating leads!


Attract social media users with highly targeted, well created, high performing social media advertisements.

For better or worse, the average American checks Facebook 14 times per day. For so many folks, their attention resides in the palm of their hands. While the days of easy organic (free) exposure for businesses are gone, buying ads is a predictable way to get in front of the right audience. We have a tremendous amount of control over who your advertisements are displayed to on Facebook.

With micro-targeting and the right message, we typically generate branded leads for Contractors for an even lower cost than with Google Ads.


Your website, like your trucks and your salespeople, is an important part of your first impression. It’s a powerful tool to enhance any customers’ comfort level with your company and build their desire to use your services.

When we drive new prospects to your website, we need them to pick up the phone and call (or enter your contact form) at the highest possible rate.  Being at the top of our craft means obsessively studying and testing what drives this conversion rate, and using every resource at our disposal to keep your phones ringing.

Contract Connect provides an array of web development services to support Construction and Home Service Businesses:

  • Website Design and Build
  • Website Redesign
  • Website Back-end Optimization
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance
  • Landing Pages for Advertising

Integrated Management Software



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