Read Me First

Hey Haletyler

I am a WordPress website designer & developer ( I want to share something with you. You gave an order for creating contact same like to freelancer on fiverr.

He didn’t know anything. He did contact me through the social platform and hired me for this task which I have created But he cheated me and blocked me after work is done. I didn’t give me my budget. I didn’t know him so I am cheated.

I want to ask that please cancel the order and don’t give him anything and stay away from such a cheater. If I want I can disturb all your site but I can’t do so because he cheated me not you. If you have any work-related WordPress, you feel free to contact me. I will provide you quality work at a cheap rate.

This is my Fiverr profile link

We chat in a local language so you don’t understand our language otherwise I send you his screenshot